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2016 Ford Expedition

King of the Road

While driving down the roads that we travel each and every day to the places we need to be, we do not want to be looked at as merely occupying a space or just another vehicle on the road. We want the vehicles that we drive to have a presence about them that tells the other drivers that we are there. Too many small cars these days simply do not have the presence capacity or the statement making ability to show people that the car is even there. They are merely a way to get people from one place to another in the most efficient way possible. If you desire more from your vehicle than just transportation and want to make a statement while you drive, the only vehicle for you is the 2016 Ford Expedition.

See More of What You Want to See

The lives of most people throughout the nation involve the task of going to work each and every day to ensure that the family is provided for. It is what we have always done in this country and something that we take great pride in. However, there is also a rich tradition in America that is called the off day. Although most of us do not feel as though we have enough of these throughout the year, when they come around, we are faced with the decision of how to best utilize our time. The vehicles we drive can often limit the amount of fun we can have on our off days. You would never take a compact economy car for an off road exclusion through the woods, but if you drive the 2016 Ford Expedition you can take it practically anywhere.

There are times when you want to utilize your precious off time by going to the beach or a nice relaxing trip to the mountains. The 2016 Ford Expedition can certainly help with both of these traveling destinations, but if you are like many Americans that are truly looking to get away from it all, you will be required to embark on an adventure that may take you down some of the lesser traveled and more treacherous roads that can be found. For these excursions your 2016 Ford Expedition is perfect. It has the rugged dependability that you need to ensure that you get in and out of these areas safely and with all of your belongings. Your trips will be more enjoyable with the ability to allow everyone to be comfortable throughout the ride and the additional cargo space means that no one has to leave any of their precious belongings at home.

The Choice is Truly Yours

We here in America love that we have choices when it comes to what we want in life. We can choose where to eat and what shopping mall to buy everything at, yet when it comes to the choice of vehicle trim options within specific models, the pickings are often very slim if they are even available. Where some manufacturers fail to offer the consumer ample choices, Ford understands that choices are what make consumers happiest. That is the reason behind their decision to offer the 2016 Ford Expedition in a full 8 trim options to choose from.

Although there are 8 choices to choose from, you will never be disappointed in any of the 2016 Ford Expedition models that you choose. The choices begin with the XLT, and the XL TEL. If you are looking for a bit more features, the Limited and the LimitedEL will fit the bill. For even more choices and features buyers can choose from the King Ranch and the King RanchEL. If, however only the best will do for your driving abilities you need to invest a little more to truly have it all. The Platinum and the PlatinumEL are the top of the line trim options available for the 2016 Ford Expedition and have all of the features that you could ever want on any vehicle you drive.

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