Ford Pro Paves the Road to Sustainability

June 6th, 2022 by

Multiple F-150 Lightning's Open Road

Anyone starting a pursuit on a road that’s never been traversed exudes boldness. Ford looks to propel forward into the sustainable journey by making the electric vehicle transition easy for all-electric enthusiasts. As commercial corporations take action toward gaining fleets of electric vehicles, Ford Pro wants to help every step of the way.

The Blue Oval automaker conjured up Ford Pro to assure larger consumers that transitioning to an electric tomorrow is painless. Ford Pro does this by bundling vehicles with charging solutions and telematics software. In addition to Ford Pro’s bundling service, they also deescalate business owners’ fears by serving as a one-stop shop that accelerates productivity.  

Ford Pro orchestrated a study that revealed that many commercial customers feel apprehensive about embracing electric vehicles. Nonetheless, over 60 percent of these future electric customers must embrace electric technology within two years. 

“At Ford Pro, we’re aligning our business model to support customers who want to create a positive impact on people and the planet. We know the transition to electric vehicles can come with uncertainties. That’s why we’re focused on working with pioneers like Wilbur-Ellis and PG&E, helping them quickly realize the benefits of combining electric vehicles with charging solutions and data insights to help achieve their sustainability goals, improve how energy is managed, accelerate their productivity and improve bottom lines.”

-Ford Pro CEO, Ted Cannis

Yet, apprehension doesn’t restrain forward-thinking companies, and with the help of Ford Pro there are two new collaborations underway. A global distribution leader and California’s leading electricity provider, Wilbur-Ellis, declared that it would add Ford electric trucks and vans plus Ford’s charging solutions, charging software, and E-telematics to its fleet.  

“We’re very excited to be early adopters of the new Ford F-150 Lightning Pro trucks and to deploy them in a commercial agricultural setting. This collaboration is a win for everyone. Our customers will benefit from the information we gather about the impact these vehicles could have in their operations.” 

-Wilbur-Ellis President & CEO, John Buckley

Furthermore, the Ford Pro Survey also demonstrated that 50 percent of commercial customers regard the electric vehicle’s battery charging infrastructure as a primary concern in the electric vehicle transition. Yet, the charging infrastructure pushes Ford Pro as an essential one-stop shop. Ford Pro charging may lower operation costs by supplying businesses with the best time to charge vehicles. Moreover, Ford Pro Charging presents consultation services that support installation and maintenance charging services specific to the company’s needs.  

The other collaboration comes from PG&E, which will resume its continued electric relationship with the Blue Oval automaker. Even though the partnership revealed itself in March of 2022, PG&E will add charging hardware plus software solutions to PG&E’s F-150 Lightning Pro pickup trucks in California.  

“We are in a transformative moment at the intersection of the utility and transportation industries and we have a very real opportunity in front of us to deliver for our customers, business owners, hometowns – and our planet – for the better. PG&E’s collaboration with some of the world’s leading automakers will allow us to engage in the full ecosystem of potential with original equipment manufacturers, like Ford, to advance bi-directional EV charging technologies for a cleaner, safer and brighter future for all.”

– Executive Vice President, Planning & strategy of PG&E, Jason Glickman

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