Questions About Auto Service & Repair in the Bethel Park Area?

When you're a proud Ford owner in the Bethel Park area, you need a place that you can turn to for service and repair needs. Kenny Ross Ford South, serving South Park, is that place for many Pennsylvania drivers. From our highly-skilled technicians to our innovative tools and pristine service bays, we have all the requirements for keeping your car, SUV, or truck in outstanding condition.

Your Service Questions Answered

Does Ken Ross Ford South Offer Pickup & Delivery for Service?

Yes, Kenny Ross Ford South is currently offering pickup and delivery for Ford service appointments. If you live in Pittsburgh or a nearby community like Bethel Park, you can take advantage of this convenient service. When your Ford F-150 needs its oil changed, brakes replaced, or tires rotated, you can rely on free pickup and delivery. What does it mean? It means that at no extra cost, you can stay home while we're servicing your Ford in Pittsburgh.

After requesting free pickup and delivery from your Pittsburgh Ford dealer, a Ford service advisor will come to your address to collect your Ford Edge for its wheel alignment or transmission repair. We'll take care of your scheduled auto maintenance before dropping your car, SUV, or truck at your house near South Park. You won't do any of the commuting; Kenny Ross Ford South will come to you.

What is Contact-Free Service at Kenny Ross Ford South?

Contact-free service takes pickup and delivery to another level at Kenny Ross Ford South, serving West Mifflin, PA. To increase safety for our Pennsylvania customers, we're boosting sanitation efforts and practicing social distancing. When it comes to Ford service visits, we'll sanitize your Ford Escape after it gets a battery installation or tire replacement. To disinfect high-touch areas around our Dormont-serving dealership, we use EPA-approved cleaning products.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is what we wear when sanitizing your Ford Fusion or Ford Explorer. That includes a pair of gloves, a mask, and interior vehicle coverings for the floor mats, the seats, and the steering wheel. We believe that contact-free service is how we'll better protect Ford customers around the Brookline area. If you have any additional questions about contact-free service, you can call or send an inquiry to Kenny Ross Ford South in Pittsburgh, PA.

What Are The Benefits of Frequent Service?

Adhering to service guidelines provide a plethora of benefits for your Ford model. From rotating the tires to swapping out the oil filter, these minor but vital tasks contribute to long-lasting, reliable Ford performance. They will also prevent you from dealing with the hassle of repair costs associated from neglected oil changes or other frequent services.

How Do I Know When It's Time to Service My Vehicle?

When it comes to service frequency for your Ford Explorer, you'll know when to schedule service if you follow the Ford maintenance guide. However, the intervals of auto repairs will depend on accrued mileage and road conditions. You can chat with a Ford service technician in Pittsburgh if you're unsure if your Ford needs service. Of course, if you hear a strange sound or notice a change, schedule service immediately.

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

Ford oil change intervals generally stay between three to six months. You can choose the type of oil change at Kenny Ross Ford South, serving Brookline. We perform conventional, semi-synthetic, and full-synthetic oil changes at our Ford service facility. Oil changes help keep your engine clean and improve fuel economy and performance

How Often Should I Check My Fluid Levels?

The fluid levels in your Ford F-150 fluctuate depending on how much you drive around the Dormont area. Fluid levels that you should have checked regularly include transmission fluid, brake fluid, motor oil, wiper blade fluid, and engine coolant. We can top off any fluids during your next oil change.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Like your oil filter, your vehicle's air filter is an important part to replace. We advise replacing your air filter at least once a year. You can buy a replacement air filter in our onsite parts department and have it installed by an experienced technician at Kenny Ross Ford South, serving West Mifflin, PA.

How Often Do I Need to Get My Brakes Checked?

Are you noticing a squealing sound when you step on your brakes at a busy intersection? If you've noticed these sounds, you should schedule a brake inspection at your Ford Pittsburgh dealership as soon as possible. After inspecting your brake pads and rotors, we can determine whether your Ford EcoSport needs a replacement.

When Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

Brake pads typically need to be replaced every 50,000 miles. However, this interval could vary based on the type of brake pads and how you use them while you drive. You can buy Ford-engineered brake pads at the Kenny Ross Ford South parts center. We even have service coupons that could help you save on new brake pads and the professional installation.

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

The battery should be replaced in your Ford Fusion every three to five years. If your engine hesitates to start or your headlights grow dimmer than usual, you should have your battery tested. You can buy and save on your new Ford battery and request to have one of our service technicians install it in your car.

When Do I Need to Get a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotations are like oil and filter changes in that they are both classified as routine car repairs. You should find time to rotate the tires on your Ford Ranger twice a year - or every six months. To save on scheduling service appointments, you can add a tire rotation to your next oil change at your Bethel Park-serving Ford dealership.

How Much Air Pressure Should I Put into My Tires?

The recommended air pressure range for most cars, trucks, and SUVs is between 30 and 35 PSI (or pounds per square inch). The manufacturer's recommendation is on the label inside your Ford model. Over or underinflating your tires can result in severe consequences, so be sure to consult a service technician at Kenny Ross Ford South first.

How Often Do Tires Need To Be Replaced?

When was the last time you bought new tires for your Ford Edge? If it's been more than three years or 15,000 miles, schedule a tire inspection. Our service technician can tell you if you're due for new tires based on the tread depth on your current set. You can buy your replacement tires in our Ford parts center. We'll even handle the installation for you.

Where Can I Find Auto Service & Repair Near Me?

Local Ford owners will find auto service and repair at Kenny Ross Ford South. You will find our establishment at 3200 Liberty Road in Pittsburgh, PA. You can call our Ford service department directly with any questions about the auto services that we offer.

Do I Have to Schedule An Appointment To Get My Vehicle Serviced?

We highly recommend scheduling an appointment to have your Ford serviced at Kenny Ross Ford South. You can book online through our digital scheduling tool. If your Ford Mustang needs a quick oil change, tire rotation, wiper blade replacement, fluid check, or multi-point inspection, you can skip appointment scheduling and enjoy Express Service at Kenny Ross Ford South.

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