The Ford F-150 Lightning Serves as More than Just a Pickup

January 6th, 2022 by


Ford’s F-150 Lightning is something special. The fully-electric pickup has been the center of attention given its capability, durability, and zero emissions. Over the past several years, Ford has been working toward electric vehicles, similar to many other automakers, in an effort to combat the global climate crisis. The latest electric vehicles to come from the Blue Oval have been well received. The F-150 Lightning and the Mustang Mach-E have done so well in fact, that Ford has had to pause reservation orders due to high demand. This is a sign of a good problem. Ford’s F-150 Lightning serves as more than just a pickup, however. The electric pickup comes equipped with a Pro Power Onboard generator which expands the pickup’s capabilities. We’ll dive in further and see just how versatile the F-150 Lightning can be.

The F-150 Lightning is Versatile

Ford’s all-new all-electric F-150 Lightning has been the highlight of conversation. The fully electric pickup has dominated the EV sphere with its capability, durability, and overall capacity to get almost any job done. In designing the Lightning, Ford wanted to build an EV that consumers would love. This meant creating an EV that would feel familiar to consumers. Ford’s decision was to electrify one of its most popular pickups, thus leading to the powerful F-150 Lightning. One of the defining features of the electric pickup is its Pro Power Onboard generator which is capable of powering a multitude of electric devices, including other EVs.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning offers either a 7.2 kW or 9.6 kW onboard generator. There’s also a 240-volt plug that can be used for Level 2 charging capabilities. Ford’s Lightning comes standard with a 2.4kw variant, but it doesn’t feature the 240-volt plug. For those owners wanting to be a beacon of power, literally, they may want to opt for the higher output as well as the 240-volt plug. Using these, Lightning owners can charge their electronic devices like cell phones and laptops. They can even power a house. 

According to Ford, the electric pickup is capable of adding 20 miles of range in just an hour to the Mustang Mach-E. The Lightning can also add 13 miles of range to another F-150 Lightning. This capability launches the 2022 F-150 Lighting to another echelon given how much it can do. If Ford continues with innovation like this, it will surely dominate the EV sphere. 

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